Environmental Policy

Responsibility and care

Mega Teknik AB wishes to contribute to an economically sustainable society, by adjusting the production to the environment to the utmost possible extent. This continuous work is lead by our environmentally responsible department. We strive to make continuous improvements. One of the requirements is that the company and our co-workers take the environmental issues seriously. What we do today will affect the environment in this very second and also the future generations. Thoughtfulness of both people and the environment is therefore a big part of our work. The responsibility lies with us all. To reach this our company and our co-workers will follow the principles mentioned below.

  • Be attentive to the market’s and other stakeholder’s environmental demands.
  • Continuously manage to decrease the environmental imposition of the business.
  • Always take environmental consequences into consideration when doing a transformation of the company.
  • Stimulate our co-workers in being environmentally conscious by education and learning.
  • Live up to the demands concerning environmental issues in current legislation and by the authorities.

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