Competence and Offers

Competence with great capacity

Quality, customer service and flexibility are the corner stones in our company and our strengths lies within development, construction, production, sourcing and logistics. Another important part of our competence is the flexibility we have through the production in our modern facilities in Sweden, Lithuania and China.

Megateknik Know-how
  • Experienced people with high technical competence
  • Safe and solid distributor
  • Long-term relations with customers and distributors
  • Solid and well established processes
  • Powerful in purchase, production and logistics
  • Customer-adapted solutions with great quality
  • High customer focus and customer service
Social competence

We strive for a pleasant workplace in a business climate influenced by candidness, driven by the people’s own initiatives and the joy of labor. We care about maintaining communication and to cooperate with other individuals in a positive way. The wellbeing of our people and our customers is equal to the wellbeing of the business.

We offer
  • Mega Teknik is a competitive distributor based on production in Sweden, Lithuania and China.
  • Focus on the core business by relieving pressure for the customer.
  • Security, experience, quality assurance and effectiveness
  • Mega Teknik offers customer specified solutions.


Mega Teknik is active within the following branch segments:

  • Robot systems
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental technology
  • Material managing systems
  • Provisions
  • Elevators
  • Lightning
  • Flowing process
  • Door- and gate systems
  • Marine constructions
  • Heat and coldness


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