About us

It all started 1989

Two young entrepreneurs named Bosse Persson and Hasse Waldemarsson founded Mega Teknik in 1989. Both Bosse and Hasse are still an important part of the company and they are actively engaged with the business even today. The business started with cable manufacturing and today Mega Teknik has developed into a complete supplier of Cable Harnesses, Electromechanical Assemblies and Control Systems.

Business model

Mega Teknik aims on being the business partner that constantly simplifies the life of the costumers. The business model is based upon partnership where we offer functions and product solutions with the purpose of simplifying our customer’s situation. We are a solid and confident partner contributing to a favorable total economy solution for our customers through our great knowledge and long experience of product development, manufacturing and logistics. Our presence in Lithuania and China gives us flexibility and competitiveness, and it contributes to strengthen our offering even more.


Mega Teknik is active within the following branch segments:

  • Robot systems
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental technology
  • Material managing systems
  • Provisions
  • Elevators
  • Lightning
  • Flowing process
  • Door- and gate systems
  • Marine constructions
  • Heat and coldness


Mega Teknik AB
Motorgatan 18
261 51 Landskrona

Telephone, fax and e-mail

+ 46 (0) 418 - 44 68 40 (Telephone Exchange)


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